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Membership Detail

How to join Thailand Privilege

Application for membership in Thailand Privilege

When you contact us, we will send you the necessary documents for membership application by email or mail.

Documents required for membership
1 Membership application form
2.Passport color copy or photo (please take a double-page spread up to the four corners)
3 Copy of past entry stamp page (may not be necessary)
4 Face photos (self-portrait with white background allowed)
*If you are joining as a family, you will also need family certificate.

Admission Screening

The data entered into the database of state-owned enterprises by our company will be examined by the Thai Immigration Bureau.

The admission review process will take approximately one to two months.

Membership approval

If you pass the admission screening, you will receive a welcome letter in English from the state-owned company.

We will also send you information in Japanese.

Payment for membership fee

After receiving the Welcome Letter, you will be required to pay the membership fee within a certain period of time.
To pay the membership fee
①Bank transfer
②Online payment with credit card
*we will send you a special URL if you wish.
*VISA, Master, and JCB can be used.

Receipt of Welcome Letter (enrollment completed)

You will receive a welcome letter from a state-owned company. We will also send you information in Japanese.

The Welcome Letter contains your member ID, and you can make a reservation for your desired benefits at the Member Contact Center by informing your member ID and name.

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