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Procedure for joining Thailand Privilege

Procedure for joining Thailand Privilege

Process for joining Thailand Pur Village, a long-term stay program for foreigners run by the Thai state.

Thailand Privilege membership application

When you contact us, we will send you an application form and a set of documents via email.
The membership application form is in English, but we will also send you a sample of how to fill it out. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.

Screening Process

Enrollment screening will be conducted at the Thai immigration office.
During the screening, past immigration history, overstay history, criminal history, etc. will be examined.
If you have a history of fraudulently obtaining volunteer visas or educational visas in the past, you may not be able to pass the screening.
The review will take approximately one to two months.

Membership approval

If you pass the screening process, you will receive an English approval letter from the state-run company via email.
We will also send you information in Japanese.

Payment of membership fee

There are two methods available for paying the membership fee.

1 Bank Transfer
Transfer money to the bank account of a state-owned company in Thai baht.

2 Credit card
Three types of credit cards are available: Master, Visa, and JCB.
If you wish to pay by credit card, we will send you a URL for online payment.


Once the membership fee is paid and the payment is confirmed, a WELCOME LETTER will be issued.
The WELCOME LETTER contains your member ID, and by using this member ID, you will be able to make reservations for all benefits through the member contact center.

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