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Visa for parents and children studying in Thailand | Thailand Privilege for one child

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has many international schools and an environment that is easy to raise children in, so it is attracting attention as a popular destination for people who want to move abroad for education or to study abroad with their children.
It is likely that many families will continue to move to Thailand and study abroad with their children, but we must not forget about visa issues.
If you move abroad, you will need some kind of visa. The types of visas and conditions for obtaining them vary depending on the country, but if you are moving to Thailand for education or studying abroad with your child, you will need to obtain a visa that will allow you to stay for a long period of time.

Visa information you need to know if you want to move to Thailand for parent and child’s education

Children with parents moving and enrolling in international schools in Thailand can obtain the following visas:
Children: Non-immigrant ED visa
Parent: Non-immigrant O visa
You can stay in Thailand by receiving the necessary documents from the school you will enroll in after completing the prescribed procedures to obtain a visa.
One problem in the case of Thailand is that the system allows only one parent to obtain a guardian visa per child.
For example, if a father, mother, and one child move to Thailand, either the father or mother can stay on a guardian’s visa, but one of them will need to obtain a separate visa of some kind.

Long-term stay becomes possible with Thailand Privilege

In the above-mentioned cases, many people obtain Thailand Privilege. Thailand Privilege is a special visa that allows foreigners to stay in Thailand for a long period of time.
Recently, the number of people moving to Thailand has increased, and it has become known to many people.
With Thailand Privilege, you can obtain a visa by choosing one of four plans with a stay period of 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years.

For example, if the father obtains Thailand Privilege and the mother obtains a guardian visa, see below.

Example 1 : when moving with a family of 3

Father: Thailand Privilege Visa
Mother: Non-immigrant O visa
Children: Non-immigrant ED visa
This is one of the most common patterns.
Also, depending on the Thailand Privilege plan, you can add a family member and both parents can stay with Thailand Privilege.

Example 2 : when moving with a family of 3

Father: Thailand Privilege Visa
Mother: Thailand Privilege Visa
Children: Non-immigrant ED visa
*If your child attends an international school, in principle, your child must obtain a non-immigrant ED visa based on the required documents issued by the school, and cannot be added as a family member to Thailand Privilege.

Parent-child study in Thailand and the charm of Thailand Privilege

The appeal of Thailand Privilege is that there are almost no complicated procedures and it is possible to stay in Thailand for a long period of time, but there are also many other benefits that will make life easier after moving.

Multiple Entry Visa

Thailand Privilege is a multiple entry visa. This is a visa that allows you to go back and forth from Thailand as many times as you like.
For example, even after moving to Thailand, you may return to Japan several times a year. In this case, if you have single entry visa, you will need to go through the procedures to obtain a re-entry permit each time you leave the country, but in the case of Thailand Privilege, such procedures are not necessary.

VIP treatment when entering and leaving the country at the airport

If you become a member of Thailand Privilege, you will be able to move around the airport in a special cart and use the fast lane, making your journey smoother when entering and leaving the country.

Use of points

When you become a member of Thailand Privilege, each member will be given a certain number of points. Those points can be exchanged for various benefits (e.g limousine transportation, health checkups, golf, spa, horseback riding, etc.).
Becoming a member of Thailand Privilege allows you to stay in Thailand for a long time, and by taking advantage of these benefits, you will be able to live a comfortable life in Thailand.


People who are thinking about moving abroad for education or studying abroad with their children often have to consider everything from school selection to visa preparation, but when it comes to visas, if you are moving to Thailand as a family of three, you can take advantage of Thailand Privilege and visa issues will be resolved.
In addition, Thailand Privilege is a national program run by a Thai state-owned enterprise, so you can stay in Thailand with peace of mind. If you are worried about visas for parents and a child as educational immigration, you can choose Thailand Privilege.


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