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Enables you to move to Thailand and stay for a long-term

VIP treatment at the airport when entering and leaving the country

Limousine transportation

Enjoy golf as a member’s benefit

Member benefits include spa and massage

Health checkups and dental checkups

What is Thailand Privilege?

Thailand Privilege is a national program launched in 2003 based on Thai law that allows foreigners to stay in the country for a long period of time. In 2023, the name was changed from Thailand Elite to Thailand Privilege, and the program was changed to four simple programs.
It is operated by Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., a state-run company directly managed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

At the same time as the Thai law regarding foreigners entering Thailand changed in 2014, “Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.” also made major changes to its program, strongly focusing on the program as a way to realize long-term stays for foreigners.
Coupled with the current trend of increasing demand for second countries around the world, we have gradually increased the number of members.
In 2014, Thailand Elite Information Center (operated by Daimaru Trading Co., Ltd.), an affiliated company in Japan and an authorized distributor of the company, took on a new system and worked hard on public relations for Thailand Elite (currently Thailand Privilege) targeting Japanese clients.

We support your membership in Thailand Privilege (Thailand Elite) with great benefits!

Gift for all new members
A lucky draw for everyone where 16 people each year will win luxurious prizes

Gift for all new members
Lucky draw for everyone

Gift for all new members

Joining Thailand Privilege (Thailand Elite) with our unique membership gift.

We offer special gifts to members who join via our website.
A Up to 50,000 baht gift certificates that can be used in Thailand, 5 massage coupons, membership gift set
B Tax ID acquisition support
C Family certification acquisition support
D Pockettalk S Plus

Additionally, there is also a lucky draw for everyone.

Lucky draw for everyone

Lucky draw where 16 people will win prizes worth a total of 1 million yen each year.

Lucky draw will be held twice a year, in June and December, for all those who have joined Thailand Privilege (formerly Thailand Elite) through our website.
16 people will win luxurious prizes such as RIMOWA and LOUIS VUITTON each year.


Thailand Privilege has four memberships: 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years.
All members can receive multiple visas depending on their membership period.
The only cost to join is the membership fee. There is no annual fee.


Q. Is it difficult to apply for membership in Thailand Privilege (formerly Thailand Elite)?
A.The application for membership can be completed online. There is no need to attend an interview or bring any documents.

Q.At what age can I join Thailand Privilege (formerly Thailand Elite)?
A. There is no age limit for joining Thailand Privilege (formerly Thailand Elite).

Q. Can I move to Thailand if I join Thailand Privilege (formerly Thailand Elite)?
A. Thailand Privilege (formerly Thailand Elite) members can receive a special long-term multiple visa, allowing them to immigrate to and stay in Thailand for a long period of time.

Q. If I join Thailand Privilege (formerly Thailand Elite), do I have to go to Thailand every year?
A. No, you will not be required to enter Thailand to maintain your membership. You can enter and leave Thailand whenever you like.

Q.Can I live in Thailand permanently with the Thailand Elite Visa?
A. As long as you are a member, you will receive a special Thailand Elite Visa, so you can stay here forever. Members are permitted to stay for one year each time they enter the country. You can also extend your stay.

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